Special Cross Country

( Green Wall , the rhododendron flower, the hot spring , or Panchase tour... what the day have to offer ..) 


We take off from  Sarangkot (1500m) and dependant upon the weather conditions

We cross the valley to join the feet of the big Moutain Green Wall , usually pusching us to 2500 - 3500 sometime 4500 then going near the big moutain and try come to Pokhara 

we can cross the lake to go on the Panchase , or many of the other unspoiled valleys in the area, following the Seti, or perhaps the Mardi River, reaching altitudes of between 2500m and 3400m before returning to Pokhara by air, or perhaps by bus or taxi!!

One of the best experiences of the Himalayas - everyone should try it once in their lives!!!

2 -4 hrs flight Better to have  ready for adventure in tandem . 


  1. Pokhara