SIV at Pokhara Nepal (3day course)

You will be able to train your safety reactions and increase confidence in your equipment and your self. You will learn to control your Paraglider beyond your "normal" flight envelope and under conditions of maximum safety!

We only work with small groups of 4 to 8 pilots

Briefing the day before the SIV course is REQUIRED, pilot cannot participate in course if he/she didn't participate in the briefing.

A three-day course in the beautiful setting of Pokhara Vally above the Phewa lake with our Instructor

SIV course is aimed for students/pilots with at least 30 flights and who wants to improve their confidence in the air and with the equipment.

Each pilot is equipped with a automatic lifejacket and radio

Exercice and progression in fonction of your level . 
On the APPI  international standard 

Your course will be validate internationaly on APPI 



Course run By Arrufat David /  Damodar Parajulie / Alice Thapa . 



  1. Pokhara