Paragliding Cross country Tandem Pokhara

Cross country tandem flight

This is a quality flight 

The cross-country flight is for those people who want to experience more about paragliding - take thermals and move to the next and go away from the crowd

Fly unchartered territory, with only the birds and the wind for company.

We take off from Sarangkot (1500m) and depending upon the weather conditions we can cross the ridge, and go to  the other unspoiled valleys in the area, following the Seti, or perhaps the Mardi River, reaching altitudes of between 2500m and 3400m before returning to Pokhara by air, or perhaps by bus or taxi!!

45 Minute to 1 Hr. flight 

One of the best experiences of the Himalayas - everyone should try it once in their lives!!!



  1. Pokhara