Paragliding 5 day Beginner Course - Nepal

Learn to fly in the Himalayas - the weather conditions are perfect for paragliding with stunning views of the mountains.  The APPI Open Sky course will take you step by step to the freedom of the skies.  You begin with ground training learning to learn to launch and control the paraglider. 

Small flights will give you the confidence to take the bigger step into the air.  Tandem flights are also available.  You move onto high solo flights when your instuctor and you feel you are ready.

What a feeling - a new dimension!

Paraglider Beginner Course 5 days

We are normally based in Pokhara during this course, the progression and thermalling courses may be on other sites where we will stay overnight.

Day 1. Intro to Equipment. You start on a gentle slope learning to inflate and steer the paraglider whilst running.
Day 2. More ground training practising inflation and gaining control. Harness simulator. Tandem flight may be possible.
Day 3. Small flights, Theory.
Day 4. Normally 1st high flight Mandridunga or Sarankot. 800 meters.
Day 5. Normally 1 or 2 high flights depending on weather conditions.
Exam Qualification APPI Open Sky Pilot, Level BHPA Elementary pilot ParaPro 1

Practical Tasks Beginner Course

➢ Intro Equipment : Maintenance/ Vocabulary Daily inspection - material checking/ Packing
➢ Weather analysis : Airflow/ Site inspection
➢Take-off 5 point control/ pre-flight checks

1. Glider laid out into wind in an arc, lines untangled, reserve pin in place, brakes and front risers in hands
2. All buckles fastened – harness, helmet, carabiners
3. Wind strength, direction, thermic cycle, weather
4. Take off stop line decision point. Turn direction
5. Airspaceall clear above behind and around

➢ Take off in 4 phases
1.Inflation good timing/ right speed/ look ahead
2. Control with the break/ efficient visual check
3. Decisionto take off or stop by safety stop line
4. Acceleration leaning on chest strap, keep running, contact point good trajectory

➢ Slalom : trajectory/pitch /roll axis in contact with glider
Harness simulator/getting in and out of harness/ turns
Inflight check, hands through brake handles
➢ Small flights: Follow flight plan/ 3 D markers/ correction of trajectory
➢ Flights: Flight with changes in direction: 90/ 180/ 270/ 360
Explore speed range, best glide ratio/ max speed/ min sink
Create pitch let stabilize/ create roll let stabilize
Loss of height stable in good speed range
➢Final approach: stable/ speed/ legs down/ looking ahead
Landing into wind / flare / final braking

Theoretical Requirements 5 day Beginner Course:

➢ WEATHER : Airflow - Over obstacles/ Hills, ridges, gullies/ Venturi areas/ Evolution of the day/ Valley wind/ Anabatic/ Katabatic/ Sea breeze/ Lee side turbulence/ Wind gradient/ Slope lift/ Basic cloud types : Cirrus/ Alto Stratus / Cumulus

➢ MECHANICS OF FLIGHT : How a paraglider flies / 3 axes pitch roll/ Yaw/ Air forces/ Air speed and ground speed/ Trajectory and drift/ Different speed ranges of the glider
➢ AIRLAW : Consider and respect environment and rules of site/ Airspace rules and anti-collision rules.
➢ AIRMANSHIP : Active piloting / Types of turn/ Take off/ In flight and landing procedure/ Understand safe speed to fly/ Emergency landings : trees, water, power
lines/ Parachute landing fall / Reserve parachute
➢ STATE OF MIND : Physical and emotional/ Understand limits
➢ EQUIPMENT : Introduction/ Care and maintenance / Reserve parachute on pre-flight check and how to use
➢ ANALYSIS : Wind direction and speed; / Consider the shape of the slope; choose the right place to lay out. Daily weather analysis : Clouds / conditions / predict
and analyse the evolution of the day


Основной момент

  • Get your APPI Open Sky Rating
  • Equivalent to Parapro 1 and BHPA Elementary pilot
  • 2 instructors
  • Radio Guidance

Additional Costs

  • Rent or Buy Paragliding Equipment
  • Nepal Civil Aviation Permit
  • Nepal Airsports Association Permit
  • APPI membership

Full Equipment packages


  1. Pokhara